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Neutralization systems for cleaning laboratory waste water

A neutralization system is used to purify laboratory waste water reliably and subsequently achieve the desired pH value. Neutralization systems by tritec® clean contaminated laboratory water automatically and independently. This is done by the means of a circulation mechanism and the targeted use of lye or acid within an adjustable dosing time. Thus the laboratory waste water becomes pH-neutral in a very short time. By the means of a recorder, which is installed in each of our neutralization systems, the purified laboratory water is discharged into the sewage system.

Modern laboratory technology in the form of neutralization systems

We offer you cooling products that include neutralization systems in different sizes and with various performance levels.

Our smallest neutralization system, the Aquaclean TC 102, measures a width of 1000, a depth of 450 and a height of 500 millimetres. It already has a capacity of 150 litres per hour. Aquaclean 2000, with dimensions of 1500, 860 and 1830 millimetres, is the largest unit in our product range and converts up to 1800 litres of laboratory waste water in one hour. The Aquaclean TC 105 neutralization system is of medium size. With a width of 1000, a depth of 600 as well as a height of 520 millimetres (plus additional dosing pumps), it has a capacity of 400 litres in one hour.

The neutralization systems Aquaclean TC 105 and Aquaclean TC 2000 also offer an additional waste water storage tank, whose filling level is displayed and controlled by level probes.

Cooling and climatic products by tritec®

Our wealth of experience, resulting from over thirty years of producing laboratory equipment in close cooperation with scientific research laboratories, has made us specialists in the field of cooling products as well as climatic products. We know how important it is to have the most modern and suitable laboratory equipment. Therefore, our service is able to provide you with custom-made products. To do this, you submit an inquiry, which we then check for technical feasibility.

We would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities of our product portfolio. Here we offer a wide range of high-quality and modern refrigeration technology. This includes laboratory equipment such as icemakersrefrigeratorscoldrooms and deep freezers. Please contact us and arrange an appointment with us.