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Incubation of cell cultures in the incubator with CO2 fumigation

An incubator will let your cell cultures grow under optimal conditions. tritec® offers compactly built incubators with 25 to 420 litres capacity. Temperatures from 5 °C above room temperature to 99.9 °C can be achieved in the interior. After the incubation is completed, a manual sterilisation cycle of the interior at 180 °C can be initiated. This takes about 40 minutes. We also offer cooling incubators with a temperature range from -9.9 to 70. Optionally, we supply the incubator or cooling incubator with a CO2 fumigation. This device has a working range from 1 to a maximum of 20 percent. The CO2 content can be controlled by using an additional electronic control unit.

Ideal growth conditions can be met by using the incubator with CO2 fumigation, which at the same time protects the cultivating cells from other microbes. This certain type of heating cabinet is part of the basic inventory of laboratories that research cell cultures under sterile conditions. An important field of application is stem cell research. Its aim is to develop new therapies to combat diseases such as cancer. This requires sterile conditions at all times. Powerful and reliable incubators therefore form the basis of regenerative medicine.

The usage of CO2 incubators in regenerative medicine

In regenerative medicine, a CO2 incubator may be applied to incubate pre-collected patient-derived skin cells. This serves the purpose of healing damaged tissue. The skin cells can be used for skin transplantation after thermal injuries. Humidification inside the incubator can also be controlled during incubation of human cells. For 2nd or 3rd degree burns, they are often the only means of recovery.

Stem cell therapy is also revolutionising heart surgery in particular by offering an alternative to open heart surgery in many cases. It is now possible to grow blood vessels or other living tissue entirely in an incubator with CO2 fumigation and then transplant them. Precise growth conditions can be reproduced in the incubators at any time. They can be stored under optimal conditions until the time of transplantation. Ideally, the incubator already has an automatic hot air sterilisation system for the required sterilisation process.

The stem cells incubated in the incubator with CO2 fumigation are also used to support wound healing, in plastic surgery or in orthopedic treatments. All medical applications require compliance with genetic testing prior to implantation to ensure safety. Even a small temperature fluctuation can cause incubation to fail. Strict tolerance limits therefore apply to the entire interior. The incubators at tritec® have short recovery times of CO2 content and temperature after a door opening.

Optimal results: the incubator with CO2 fumigation and its safety concept

The propagation of cells requires high safety and hygiene standards. tritec® develops and builds reliable incubators with CO2 fumigation that are characterised by their temperature stability. Only authorized personnel can intuitively operate the incubators at the password-protected keyboard of the PID temperature control. Two different time sequences are available for selection, a timer and a real-time program.

An incubator with CO2 fumigation by tritec® precisely tempers various cell cultures. The set temperature is reached within a short time and kept constantly by the interaction of heating and controller unit. 30 minutes after the set point is reached, documentation of the temperature begins at one-minute intervals. The incubators with their corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior protects function reliably and support your laboratory work by assisting in preventing of contamination. In addition, an independent safety thermostat is integrated into the incubator. Should a temperature fluctuation occur or a data and setting error is present, an audible as well as visual alarm is triggered. You can find out more about the technical details and optional accessories of our energy-efficient incubators in the data sheets.

As an expert in cooling products as well climatic products, tritec® is at your side to advise you. Take advantage of our comprehensive service and get an incubator, incubator roomclimatic cabinets, and other products for your laboratory that optimally meet your requirements.