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Important advice for the purchase of a CO2 incubator

Our important advice might help you to find a laboratory device that reliably supports you in your daily work, if you are planning to buy a CO2 incubator.

A CO2 incubator is an indispensable device for the development of sensitive tissue and cell cultures. Its interior atmosphere is completely independent of the external conditions in your laboratory in terms of humidity, temperature and CO2 content. Because of this sensitive interplay of powerful technologies, you should choose a CO2 incubator by a company that continuously optimizes its manufacturing process and that has a certified quality management. At tritec® you can obtain CO2 incubators as well as cooling incubators with CO2 fumigation, which are produced with an experience of over 30 years, concerning cooling and climatic products. We work in close cooperation with our partners and have well-known certificates. For example, the quality management standard ISO 9001 is an internationally known test, which analyses the operational processes. tritec® is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

A CO2 incubator: important advice for a good usability

To make sure that your CO2 incubator is easy to use is another important advice. As a long-term manufacturer of incubators with optional CO2 fumigation, we know that when an important device, like a CO2 incubator is used regularly, easy handling and a high degree of reliability are important. With our devices, you can view the atmosphere inside the CO2 incubator at any time and control it via the temperature control, because the actual value is always visible on the display.

The design of the interior of your CO2 incubator is also important. There should be as few places as possible on which bacteria can settle. The interiors of our tritec® CO2 incubators are therefore made of stainless steel and are equipped with rounded corners that are particularly easy to clean. By that, they meet the highest hygiene requirements.

Another of our important tips that you should consider before buying a CO2 incubator is to know the exact purpose of your incubator or cooled incubator with CO2 fumigation. Only then will you be able to find your way around the numerous offers of CO2 incubators. If you would like to receive a CO2 incubator that meets your requirements to the highest degree, we can offer you products that are specially tailored to your work. Please ask us for these by contacting us. The satisfaction of our customers is of the highest importance to us. Therefore we are available for questions and further feedback. Trust in expert knowledge and experience with a laboratory device from tritec®.