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With an ice flake maker: ice flakes for the laboratory

Ice flake makers are very popular in laboratories. The machines help researchers to adequately cool valuable samples. This allows you to temporarily store your samples on the ice while you work or store them in the ice in a laboratory deep freezer. Flakes from the ice flake maker are more suitable for this purpose than ordinary ice cubes. There are many reasons for this and they are explained below.

Ice flake maker for high-quality ice flakes

The ice flake makers create exactly the kind of ice flakes needed to preserve your samples in the laboratory. Unlike ordinary ice cubes, the flakes melt very slowly. Thus, you can safely place a bowl full of flakes next to you and, if necessary, place a vial, reagent tubes and many other small vessels in it. This way you can stay right at your workstation without having to fetch the sample from the cold room or put it back there before and after each use.


Due to the relatively small flakes that you produce with the ice flake maker, cooling just below the freezing point takes place as quickly as it is gentle. To ensure maximum safety, the flakes are uniformly granulated and provided by the ice flake maker without sharp edges. This means that you can place fine glass vessels in the ice without hesitation. Besides, it is easier to place the samples upright in the fine ice than between the usual coarse ice cubes.

If you want to continue your work the following day or if you simply have too many ice flakes available, some flakes can be conveniently stored in the ice flake machine. The smallest unit from tritec® already has a storage container for up to 20 kilograms. Our largest model can even be filled with up to 120 kilograms. To ensure that your demand for ice flakes is always covered, you can produce between 90 and 250 kilograms of the flakes within 24 hours with our ice flake makers, depending on the device.

Information on the ice flake maker

The ice flake maker is an important tool in the laboratory for cooling various objects and samples. To ensure smooth operation, we at tritec® rely on high-quality technology with a high level of safety. The cooling machine is optionally air or water cooled and hermetically encapsulated. For a quiet workplace, we rely on a silent unit that is additionally placed on dampers.

To always have enough flakes in stock, you can activate an automatic supply replenishment on the ice flake maker. A special sensor technology activates the refrigeration unit without contact and automatically deactivates it when the storage container is full. This saves energy and also reduces the machine’s running time, so you benefit from high efficiency.

Use an ice flake maker in your laboratory and enjoy the comfort of high-quality ice flakes. If you have any further questions about refrigeration technology, the experts at tritec® will be happy to help. Contact us for more information or directly order a ice flake maker.