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Hot air sterilizer against contamination

A hot air sterilizer is used to remove microorganisms from equipment, aids or cell cultures so that they do not cause contamination during further use. In areas such as hospitals, hot air sterilizers are used to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses from patients to hospital staff or the opposite. To protect staff during research on viruses and bacteria, this type of heating cabinet is also used in the laboratory. For this purpose, cell cultures can be freed from foreign microorganisms. We will show you which functions the hot air sterilizer uses for this, using a device from tritec® as an example.

Functions of the sterilizer

A hot air sterilizer from tritec® combines various functions to guarantee you maximum safety. Basically, the devices are available in different sizes so that you can use the sterilizers flexibly in small and large laboratories. For easy cleaning, we use rounded corners and smooth surfaces on the inside, which meets the highest hygiene standards. The temperatures can be adjusted from 5 °C above ambient temperature up to a maximum of 250 °C. Our hot air sterilizers achieve a temporal temperature accuracy of +/-1 °C and a spatial accuracy of +/-1.5 °C. A PID temperature controller with LCD display and keypad allows the set values to be entered and read off, while the actual value is permanently displayed.

For maximum safety, the heating cabinet in the laboratory is equipped with numerous alarms. Thus, you will be informed by visual and acoustic signals if there are overtemperatures, undertemperatures, sensor errors, data errors or a power failure. Among other things, a safety thermostat is used for this, which works independently of the microprocessor controller in the hot air sterilizer. In addition, the temperatures are saved in the controller. At intervals of one minute, the data (minimum, maximum and average temperature) is recorded and can be read off the controller at any time.

The extensive GMP-compliant qualification of the devices from tritec® gives you the highest level of safety when using heating cabinets in the laboratory. The hot air sterilizer reliably supports you in preventing contamination.