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Hot air drying cabinets for contamination control

Pharmacies, practices and companies use hot air drying cabinets to sterilize heat-resistant materials or tools as well as against cell culture contamination. Working with sensitive cell cultures requires germ-free conditions. They are part of the basic inventory not only in the field of regenerative medicine. Accordingly, it is important for the cell cultures to prevent contamination by bacteria, for example.

A significant quality feature of the hot air drying cabinet is the smooth stainless steel surface of the interior. This facilitates the regularly required cleaning, prevents the settlement of unwanted bacteria and thus cell culture contamination. tritec® offers safe hot air drying cabinets which, thanks to their convenient operation, make work processes more effective. The required or desired condition in the interior is set using the intuitive PID temperature controller.

A hot air drying cabinet by tritec® can be heated to a maximum of consistently 250 degrees Celsius. This temperature is reached in the interior after approximately one hour. Two time sequences, a real-time programme, and a timer provide you with maximum flexibility in your work and reliable contamination control every day.

Trust our safe sterilizers

The hot air drying cabinet requires reliable temperature stability and distribution, which is always guaranteed by climatic products by tritec®. For this purpose, we implement an automatic safety thermostat that operates independently of the microprocessor controller. Temperature fluctuations are detected by the sensors, which emit a visual and acoustic alarm if necessary. It also switches the heating on or off as required. An insulated door keeps energy loss low. The temperature curve is measured and stored at a fixed interval from the time the predefined temperature is reached. Only at this time is the timer also activated, so that sterility is ensured after the time has elapsed – the optimal contamination control.

During operation, the current actual and setpoint values can be read on the display. In addition, it is possible to equip our hot air drying cabinet with a triple-glazed viewing window so that employees can look inside.

Invest in a hot air drying cabinet by tritec®

Invest in a high-performance hot-air drying cabinet by tritec®. You will receive a reliable sterilizer optimally designed to meet your specific requirements. The technical data sheets of our hot air drying cabinets, in which we have compiled all the details concisely, will make it easier for you to make your choice.

Select the desired capacity from our range of hot air drying cabinets. We stock stackable table-top units with 26 or 53 litre capacities, as well as larger floor-standing units that hold up to 430 litres. Refine the sterilizer’s interior through our range of optional accessories to ensure it meets your exact requirements. With our safety concept and intuitive handling, you get an energy-efficient tool against cell culture contamination from us that is state of the art. If you do not find a hot air drying cabinet in the desired dimensions in our range of heating cabinets, contact us and let our experienced staff manufacture a custom-made cabinet for you. Also discover climatic cabinetscooling incubators and neutralization systems from our range.

We will be happy to carry out maintenance and any qualifying work on your entire range of climatic and cooling products on your behalf. As a reliable supplier of laboratories with decades of expertise, we offer you quality and service you can rely on.