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Explosion protection in refrigeration technology

Explosion protection is always of importance at tritec®. In our product range we offer spark resistant refrigerators, deep freezers as well as refrigerator and freezer combinations, for the production of which we have to observe various guidelines. In this way, laboratories ensure that the stored substances are kept safe within the technology. We will show you how we implement explosion protection so that you can benefit from it in your company.

General protection with DGUV 213-850

If you use hazardous substances in your laboratory that can cause physical, chemical or physico-chemical reactions, the DGUV 213-850 is intended for your refrigeration technology. The guidelines of the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung contain general principles as well as guidelines for safe working in laboratories. The focus is on preventive measures as well as on the handling of hazardous substances to ensure the safety of the working personnel. We apply all the rules affecting refrigeration technology in our equipment and have this verified by the DGUV. For example, the interior is designed free of electrical ignition sources to provide basic explosion protection.

Explosion protection with ATEX 2014/34/EU

More specific explosion protection in relation to refrigeration technology is provided by the Atmosphères Explosives (ATEX). These guidelines are divided into different groups and, within these groups, into additional zones. For example, equipment group II exists for use in potentially explosive dust and gas atmospheres, where the zones additionally differentiate among very high, high and normal safety requirements as well as rare or short-term hazards and frequent or long-term hazards.

Laboratory equipment intended for potentially explosive substances is governed by ATEX 2014/34/EU. This regulation applies to all EU member states. One example of the directive is dedicated to the temperature class, which ensures explosion protection for gases. In these, surfaces may not exceed a previously defined temperature for certain substances – usually this is based on the ignition temperature. Somewhat more relevant for refrigeration technology are explosion protection valves, which are used to close off pipelines in the event of an explosion. Basically, ATEX is dedicated to doors, switchgear, alarm systems and much more.

Explosion protection from tritec®

Protect your laboratory in accordance to the official guidelines with the refrigeration and HVAC technology from tritec®. Our spark resistant refrigerators serve to safely store your samples and also provide the necessary explosion protection.