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Explosion-proof laboratory refrigerators – applicable guidelines

In laboratories, explosion protection is ensured by guidelines. Especially in laboratories where chemicals or other highly flammable substances are used, spark-resistant laboratory refrigerators should be provided for the safe storage of the substances. Special guidelines apply to the production of such devices with spark-resistance, which specify exactly how the refrigeration technology should be constructed and which requirements it should meet. The spark-resistant laboratory refrigerators from tritec® are manufactured for explosion protection according to the guidelines for laboratories DGUV 213-850 and the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU.

Explosion protection through guideline DGUV 213-850

The DGUV 213-850 guidelines apply for explosion protection in laboratories where hazardous substances are handled that can cause physical, chemical or physicochemical reactions. The directive contains regulations for laboratory safety as well as guidance. The description of general preventive measures and procedures to be taken into account when handling hazardous substances are intended to protect laboratory staff and prevent incidents.

In accordance with these regulations, refrigerators from tritec® are equipped spark-resistant and promote safety in everyday laboratory work.

The ATEX 2014/34/EU product directive for spark-resistant laboratory refrigerators

For the explosion protection there are directives of the European Union, which are described by the abbreviation ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles). There is a zone classification for explosion protection as well as ATEX, to which the regulations apply. The zones are subdivided by explosive atmospheres wherein air appears as a mixture with gases, steams, mists or dust. In course of this ATEX zoning, it is asked whether the mixture occur frequently, occasionally or only for a short time. ATEX 2014/34/EU regulates the intended use of equipment for laboratories working with potentially explosive substances in all EU member states. This is intended to prevent electrical or mechanical from being placed on the market that do not reliably comply with safety regulations. This should prevent laboratory equipment, that is meant to be used in connection with explosive and highly flammable chemicals from having ignition or similar hazard potentials.

The guideline serves to protect the persons involved in laboratories. To ensure that a spark-resistant refrigerator meets these requirements, basic safety and health requirements must already be met during manufacture.

Reliabe laboratory refrigerators from tritec®

For reliable explosion protection, we use the guidelines and manufacture a spark-resistant refrigerator that fully meets your requirements and those of your laboratory. The volume of tritec® devices ranges from 180 to 2,300 litres. Special sizes are also available on request. A wide range of accessories allows you to customize your laboratory refrigerator. The temperature range for our smallest version lays between one and 15 degrees Celsius. In the larger variants, maximum temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius can be set. Optionally, you can set the temperatures with the TC 2015 touchscreen temperature controller. A password-protected display can be used to operate the individual controllers as well as to graphically display the temperature curve. The stored data can be exported via USB or Ethernet connection.

The use of high-quality materials and a practical design ensure safety when handling explosive chemicals and reduce the risk of contamination. Galvanized sheet steel, high-quality plastic and antibacterial coatings on the outer and inner walls provide sufficient protection and surfaces that are easy to clean.

The spark-resistant laboratory refrigerators from tritec® all work with convection cooling. This ensures a constant temperature in the interior. We will be happy to advise you on the individual options available for implementation. Our products, including spark-resistant laboratory deep freezers, and spark-resistant combined laboratory refrigerators/freezers, guarantee safe storage of highly flammable substances. Trust in the know-how and experience of tritec® for the production of spark-resistant refrigerators.