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Drying cabinets: innovative construction equipped with modern technology

Powerful and ultra-modern – this is how customers know our drying cabinetsneutralization systemscooling rooms and much more. Due to the construction and its electronics, that are carefully processed, the device by tritec® is an enrichment of your laboratory. As a reliable sterilizer, the drying cabinet has proven to be a trustworthy piece of equipment thanks to its electronics. It is ideally suited for utilizations in industry, science, and research. Our hot air drying cabinets cover a wide temperature range – from 5 °C above ambient temperature up to a maximum of 250 °C. Thanks to the finely tuned interaction of heating and temperature control, you obtain a constant temperature, which allows you, for example, to safely decontaminate your laboratory equipment. Our drying cabinets are available in four different sizes with some of them manufactured as stackable units. You are able to choose a drying cabinet from our range that optimally blends into your laboratory. Benefit from the extensive equipment of a tritec® drying cabinet and its thoughtful construction.

The drying cabinet and its construction: optimally tailored to your research

The quality, concerning the drying cabinet and its construction, is reflected by the embedded equipment. Due to our many years of experience and close cooperation with various laboratories, we know what is important when it comes to designing an object in the field of HVAC technology. By choosing laboratory equipment from tritec®, such as the blood plasma freezer or one of our drying cabinet models, you have chosen technology at the highest level. Each of our drying cabinets with a capacity of 26, 53, 135 or 430 litres is equipped with a real-time program and a real-time clock as well as an adjustable circulating air fan. The latter can be flexibly adjusted to ten different levels. The interior is made of stainless steel and meets the highest hygiene requirements thanks to its rounded corners that are easy to clean. The drying cabinet is insulated by, among other things, a double-walled door with a magnetic sealing strip running all round. The door is also resistant to laboratory cleaning agents. Depending on the model, two to four stainless steel shelves are supplied for the interior. These allow the storage of your utensils in several compartments. There is also a USB port on each drying cabinet for firmware updates. The same or similar applies to the interiors of our cooling products as well.

The drying cabinet construction can be adapted to your needs after consultation. For this purpose, please contact our service department and ask for the technical feasibility of a special design according to your ideas.

Drying cabinet with modern electronics by tritec®

Like the construction of the drying cabinet, its electronics have been carefully thought out. A drying cabinet by tritec® convinces by the processing of ultra-modern components and offers you the basis for sound work with reliable results. For example, the temperature and time you require are entered via a user-friendly membrane keyboard. To avoid unintentional entries, the keyboard is password protected. The entered data can be conveniently read off on the LCD display. The temperatures are stored regularly and can be checked afterwards.

If the internal operating conditions deviate from the norm, an acoustic and optical alarm is immediately triggered. An additional safety system for reliable sterilization is provided by the built-in safety thermostat. This works independently of the microprocessor control and switches off the heating on the incubator in case of a safety problem. It is switched in again when the incubator returns to normal. The modern standby mode allows the real-time clock to continue running while the display, fan, and heating are turned off.

The accessories of the drying cabinet include a CO2 control unit for infrared measurement. On request, we would be pleased to equip your drying cabinet with additional electronics and design special equipment to support your laboratory work.

tritec® is looking forward to cooperate with you.