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A drying oven for your laboratory – an all-rounder

sterilizer in your laboratory can be used in various areas. For example, it is suitable for setting quality standards and can be of use in research as well as in industrial and scientific laboratories. A sterilizer, also known as a drying cabinet or drying oven, is often used when thermal processes are involved. Of course, the drying oven of your laboratory must function reliably during daily use. This is the only way to guarantee process safety and quality standards. In the following, we would like to give you an overview of the numerous fields in which our products can be applied:

A drying cabinet in your laboratory has a wide range of talents and therefore can be used in many different ways. It may be particularly often used for drying tasks and as a sterilizer in your laboratory. Furthermore, a drying oven operates in various laboratories when it comes to a warm long-term storage and general hardening, heating, tempering or baking. Heating cabinets can also operate in material testing procedures, temperature stress tests and ageing tests. A relevant feature is a temperature inside the oven that is as even as possible because only a homogeneous temperature distribution can produce meaningful results. Central to the powerful and precise performance of the drying oven in its various areas of application is its adaptability to these. Our drying cabinet is qualified according to GMP and can be integrated into the demanded test processes.

Use a drying oven in the laboratory for sterilization and testing

A drying oven in your laboratory is suitable for a hot sterilization of samples. The objects that are to be sterilized are heated strongly in a dry state. In general, a minimum sterilization time of 120 minutes applies for a temperature of 160 °C. At 170 °C the objects should be heated for at least 60 minutes, and under the influence of 180 °C for at least 30 minutes. After your equipment has been treated accordingly, it is considered sterile and can be used safely.

If you heat your samples in the drying cabinet of your laboratory to comparatively lower temperatures, temperature stress tests or aging tests can be carried out reliably. Material testing procedures are also an option in a heating cabinet.

Drying cabinet: equip your laboratory with this and other products by tritec®

A drying cabinet in your laboratory that is manufactured by tritec® in your laboratory operates in a temperature range from 5 to 250 °C above ambient temperature. The speed of the fan can be flexibly adjusted in ten steps and thus can be optimally adapted to the respective task area. The display shows the current temperature at all times and you can use the input field to set new parameters if necessary. In addition to the alarm system, which reports over- and undertemperature, sensor errors, data errors and power failures, the safety and precision of our drying oven is additionally guaranteed by a special safety thermostat. This operates independently of the microprocessor control. In this way, the reliable operation of your laboratory processes is ensured, so that you can always work reliably.

We offer you a modern sterilizer and more laboratory equipment in our range of cooling products and climatic products. Choose between four sizes of drying ovens for your laboratory. With a wealth of experience we produce sterilizers that meet your laboratory’s requirements. In our product range, you can also benefit from climatic cabinetsneutralization systemsfreezers for blood plasma, and more, which fit perfectly into your existing working environment and are suitable for a variety of tasks. We are there for you with a comprehensive service. During our business hours, we are happy to advise you and answer your questions about products by tritec®.