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Cell culture technology – basis of cultures

The right cell culture technology is the basis for reliable cell culture growth in the laboratory. Workplace, hygiene and various aids can only perform their service if the samples are reliably stored under the appropriate climatic conditions. For this purpose, cell culture technology is equipped with numerous functions that enable constant storage. We will show you which of these functions should definitely be in place so that you can grow your cell cultures.

A wide range of functions

Normally, cell culture technology is synonymous with modern climatic technology. If you are creating cell cultures, incubators and climatic cabinets with CO2 fumigation are especially recommended. Choose these suitable to your lab, which means finding a comfortable size for the space you have and the amount of cell cultures you want to grow. Also, align the doors with the workstation to keep the path for loading and removing culture vessels as short as possible. Furthermore, you should avoid strong air flows in the surroundings of the climatic cabinets, for example, from doors or air conditioning units (at the ceiling).

The cell culture technology itself is equipped with convection to ensure precisely tempered air circulation inside, which creates a suitable microclimate. A thermostat allows you to regulate both the temperature and the humidity. Use a visual and audible alarm, which is triggered if the entered values are exceeded or not reached to avoid errors.

What temperatures are ultimately required when you grow cell cultures depends, of course, on the type of cultures. For some cultures, even a storage at sub-zero temperatures in a cooling incubator with CO2 fumigation is suitable. Therefore, we recommend wide temperature ranges so that you remain variable in the use of cell culture technology. It is also important that the temperatures are maintained within a certain range. For example, the climatic products from tritec® only allow deviations of 0.3 °C at most. In addition, the humidity is kept constant with an accuracy of five percent relative humidity.

In order to maintain maximum safety in handling your cell culture technology, appropriate service is enormously important. Only proper qualification and regular maintenance will enable you to grow cell cultures under reliable conditions. At tritec® you receive this service as well as the corresponding HVAC and refrigeration technology. If required, we are also available to repair your equipment. Simply contact us.