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Blood plasma freezer for safe storage and transport

Blood plasma freezer – what you can use it for

In a special blood plasma freezer from tritec® you can cool down and store the valuable blood plasma. Plasma is the liquid component of human blood. It is obtained by plasma or regular blood donations. In the former case, the donor’s blood is fed directly into a centrifuge and the plasma is separated from the remaining components. These are then being returned to the donor. In regular blood donations, this separation process takes place later and the red blood cells are handled, for example, during surgery.

Blood plasma is used, among other things, for the production of medicine, so blood plasma freezers are often needed in laboratories. Additionally, plasma is very important in emergency medicine. However, it takes some time before it is utilized, which is why storage in a reliable blood plasma freezer plays a decisive role in processing.

The path of blood plasma from the donor via the freezer to the patient

It takes a while for the donated plasma to reach a patient. After the donation, it is directly deep-frozen in a blood plasma freezer. It will then be checked for infections. If no positive results are found, it is transported to a logistics centre. Properly equipped refrigerated vehicles are required for this transport. A blood plasma freezer is therefore used both stationary and mobile. The blood plasma is now stored in quarantine at temperatures below -20 °C for about 60 days. In the meantime, additional sample tests will be carried out.

Subsequently, the donations are combined into several 1.000 litres. This creates a uniform quantity that is used for further processing. For the next steps, the blood plasma is broken down into its individual protein components. Until a drug made from it can be used, additional tests and trials are necessary. A total of up to 16 months elapse between the donation of plasma and its use in medicine. The blood plasma freezer is always omnipresent during this long process.

Blood plasma freezers from tritec® for reliable storage

tritec® blood plasma freezers are built according to DIN 58375. They enable a reliable constant storage temperature of -15 °C to -40 °C and are available with volumes between 104 and 1.500 litres. On request, we can also manufacture special sizes for you. Our equipment allows you to reliably store your valuable goods.

Blood reserves have a longevity of only about 45 days. With a blood plasma freezer, you can store frozen plasma at temperatures from -30 °C for up to two years. With the high-quality products from tritec®, plasma centres, logistics facilities, or hospitals can be equipped with reliable devices. We have many years of experience in the field of cooling technology and HVAC technology, which allows you to buy reliable equipment and rooms such as neutralization systemsheated incubators, and cooling rooms. We guarantee outstanding quality and excellent service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our blood plasma freezers. You can always count on us.